Here's what parents
are saying:

"We learned important things about the options for using our money in a way that protects our retirement while providing for our children's education. We highly recommend your services as early as possible in a child's high school career, to plan effectively for funding college costs whether or not a family qualifies for need based aid." ‚Äč

Judy and Joe McKenna

For most parents, sending their children to college is one of the biggest expenses
of their lives. College Funding Consultants helps families, at all income levels, learn about the options available to finance college expenses and supplement retirement.

We work with families that want to protect their assets and
secure as much of their money for their senior years.
Myths About Financial Aid

  • If we make over $100,000, we won't get any financial aid.

       Not true! Many families with incomes
       above $100,000 do qualify for financial aid.

  • If we have substantial assets, we won't get any financial aid.

       Not true! Some assets count more
       heavily than others, and sometimes
       assets don't count at all!
Understand the Financial Aid process so you can create the best Financial Aid Award package for your family!

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