College is one of a family's LARGEST financial expenses!

Families often struggle to pay for college, maintain their lifestyle and save for retirement


Staggering Statistics:

  • Only 1 out of 10 families have saved & are prepared for college.
  • The average family has saved $15,000 for college expenses.
  • 70% DO NOT have a plan on HOW TO PAY FOR COLLEGE.


  • Average student graduates with $27,000 in student loan debt
  • Over 20% of students have in excess of $50,000 in student loans
  • Parent loan debt exceeds $100 Billion


We work with families, at all income levels, that want to protect their assets and secure as much of their money for their senior years.


"We learned important things about the options for using our money in a way that protects our retirement while providing for our children's education. We highly recommend your services as early as possible in a child's high school career, to plan effectively for funding college costs whether or not a family qualifies for need based aid."  Judy & Joe McKenna, Chapel Hill High Parents



Decisions Made in 2014 Affect Your Family When Your Newborn Applies for College in 2032!

Turn Your Tuition Payments Into College Bucks!

There are Many Ways to Save! Learn Which is the Best for Your Family!

     LATE Stage Planning!!!  Don't wait as financial opportunities can be lost each year!

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"Parents must realize that every financial decision they make during these years can impact their retirement.  If they decide as they go, the long term result may be less money in their senior years than if they had an effective plan prior to their children entering high school."                                           

Founder, Amy Brown Waheed, CCPS, College Funding Consultants